PHP Social Network Project – Social Network in PHP & mysqli – New Social Network – 01


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Hello guys, so from this video onwards we are going to create a cool new revolutionary social network just like Twitter and Instagram using PHP & mysqli , JavaScript and BootStrap. So in this New Social Network in Php a user will be able to follow his friends or people from around the world, a user can sent messages to them, a user can comment on his friends posts, a user can update posts and so on. This is an introductory video in which we explain and show every functionality of this social…

39 thoughts on “PHP Social Network Project – Social Network in PHP & mysqli – New Social Network – 01

  1. Assalamualaiku, brother I'm from Bangladesh, I request to you if possible upload a video on your YouTube channel on the topic ::
    Create sign up page, which contains user basics information and also user can upload 2min video about his professional, by seeing his video people will get ideas how much dedicated he or she with profession

  2. I adore if you teach us through this tutorial create a photo album in the profile with slideshow or any other mechanism and a chat …. how about .. (It's just an opinion … Ok). hugs, Paulo, Brazil

  3. wonder … I was waiting for you to finish the other one that was in class 25 but this one is more modern and current and I sure believe that you will go to the end for the sake of our learning … congratulations for the enovation ….. thank you very much … for this iniciatiza …… Paulo …. Brazil

  4. Good sir , please add like button and coment followers notification , and show profile page number of people following followers , and show following followers profile

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