PHP Tutorial 10 – String Concatenation


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10 thoughts on “PHP Tutorial 10 – String Concatenation

  1. hi good day sir caleb i just wanna ask this question
    <input type="text" name="first_name" value="First_name">
    <–!my question is if you wanna make your input first name is All you have to do is to assign 1st a dollar sign? that look like this $first_name then its a variable?….. thanks for the reply

  2. what happens when you want to display an apostrophe? Say you want it to display: Caleb's Concatenation. When it sees the apostrophe, it interprets it as a single quote mark. Here's part of my code that I'm having trouble with:
    FieldsetTableCollapse2($thispage, 'John's Golden Rules of Information Security', 'Topic', '');

    It works if I remove the ' or if I replace it with ` or any other character. But if I try to use the apostrophe, then it breaks my page. Please help.

  3. Man, I don't know how to thank you for this awesome tutorials ! Keep up the good work and for sure, when I'll be working as a php programmer, I'll donate for your work ! lol.
    Thanks a lot once again !

  4. Yes, your towel did turn white, but you scrubbed so hard your shirt is now red, lol. I love how you have fun with your teaching.

     $line = "Im testing a variable!";
     $fn = "Ed";
     $ln  = "Nolan";
     $full_name = $fn .' '. $ln;
    echo "Hi, $line And a name $full_name.";

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