PHP Tutorial 40 – Dynamic Page Titles


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9 thoughts on “PHP Tutorial 40 – Dynamic Page Titles

  1. I'd like to be able to make changes across multiple pages with one page. When a menu changes, menu.php I would imagine, and like wise any other mass change for a large site. Any thing to help with this? thank you

  2. This isn't really making sense to me, I understand that if you put a variable in the title tags, whatever that variables value is, is what will get substituted. But you have to declare a value for that variable before it shows up in the head. The problem is, i can't simply set a variable value in the head being as the same head is included no matter what the body content. I can't see how this will allow the title to change based on the page your on. Basically I don't see how the variables value gets related to a specific page dynamically. 

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