PHP Tutorial: Create an HTML Contact Form Part 2 -HD-


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In this tutorial, you will learn how to create the php part of the contact form that will process the information entered by the user and send an email.

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24 thoughts on “PHP Tutorial: Create an HTML Contact Form Part 2 -HD-

  1. I did exactly as you said but never received the test email.
    Is it something to do with me using Godaddy as the host?
    If anyone could help, I would appreciate it massively.

  2. Love your tutorials, really great and 100% detail, have been looking for tutorials on creating forms in Dreamweaver for a while and they ALL are incomplete somehow or assume a level of knowledge that I don't have. Yours is the first tutorial the gave me the complete picture and full detail and works. Thanks, you're the best.

  3. Hi,
    Your form is very easy to follow but i have only 1 problem can you help me. This is what my email looks link after i get it no name or email just blank what happened


  4. Hello, Thanks for the tutorial. I was wondering how would you take the form code and place it in a regular html page and still have it function? I ask because I already have a page that is live that is just an index.html and would like to add the contact form. Also what about a captcha code and email injectors? Thank you.

  5. Great tutorial. I just had a quick question though. How would you take this .php file that you created and place this into an existing div tag on a site that I am making. I have tried copying all of the code and pasting it into the spot I want it at however it puts all of the EOD text and puts the php in the text box for name email and message that is suppose to hold the other text there. If you could let me know it would help so much thank you!

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