PHP Tutorial for Beginners 16 # Switch Statement


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5 thoughts on “PHP Tutorial for Beginners 16 # Switch Statement

  1. Tera channel kamaal ka hai bhai. Thanks. Ive bamboozled thru 17 videos in a day so far. Ab main apne resume mein likh sakta hoon ke mujhe bhi PHP aata hain, chahe beginner level ka hi sahi. Thanks bro from the bottom of my heart!

  2. <?php

    $grade = 'b';

    switch ($grade) {
    case 'a':
    case 'A':
    echo "Excellent";
    case 'b':
    case 'B':
    echo "Very good";
    case 'c':
    case 'C':
    echo "Need improvement";

    echo "No grades found";


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