32 thoughts on “PHP Tutorials: phpBB Login Integration (Part 1)

  1. it's just a minor point, but @ min 6.20 technicaly the password hash is never decrypted.. that would be dangerous… The Users Password is hashed in the same way as the hash in the DB was… and then they are compared… great video though!

  2. Hi, I've tried following this tutorial and everything seem to work great but phpbb_check_hash command appears to be obsolete with the 3.1.x versions of PhpBB

    Does anyone know how to adjust the code to work with the newer phpbb versions?

  3. Very cool tutorial. I have one suggestion for you all.

    Add a new line:

    define('IN_PHPBB', true);

    at the begiining of login.php script, and you will not have to comment /phpBB/includes/functions.php first lines.


  4. I have 3 php scripts that I need to combine registration/login. One is Smarty-based script, the other is CodeIgniter based frame work, and the other is just ordinary php script. Any ideas of how I can achieve this? Thanks much.

  5. While this is a good tutorial for some purposes, people who use these instructions should be very aware that they are opening up a large security hole by following the directions to comment out the check for IN_PHPBB. Rather, the way you should handle this is just define IN_PHPBB in your file. There are other issues, but regardless this is a well done video.

  6. It should be mentioned that at 09:55 the proper approach would be to leave the file intact, and just do the following in the file before you require the functions.php

    define('IN_PHPBB', TRUE);

    that way phpbbs security is intact and you even utilise it in your script, neat!

  7. @ludmil1 This tutorial only helps you tu use the phpbb user database to authenticicate users on your site. I'm workong on the same as you (probably), and after you do everything like in this tutor (actually it's perfect), you will have to manage your site to use the same coockies and session id's as the phpbb uses, and that's the next step i think 🙂

  8. Hi alex thax a lot for your vedio it is so Important for me but I have question for this :
    can we do it just like that :
    if ($password == $password_hash)
    echo "Success" ; or …
    echo "Incorrect Password" ; or …

    I mean whith out phpbb functions ?
    and thax again

  9. I get this error anyone help, If you need I will PM you the code. 🙂

    Warning: mysql_num_rows(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource in /home/a1035081/public_html/login.php on line 29

  10. Rather than commenting out the protection in the functions.php script, why not just define that var within your login script? I think modifying the libraries that come with PHPbb would be a big no-no.

    Otherwise, cool video.

  11. Alex b4 anything thank you very much for sharing your knowledge i really aprecitate it, you helped me a lot, but i have a question, could you share or explain the function.php part? thanks!

  12. instead of commenting out the IN_PHPBB define section of functions.php wouldn't it be better to just define IN_PHPBB?

    This way when you update phpBB you wouldn't have to modify functions.php everytime?

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