Polymorphism – Java Intermediate Tutorial #3


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Exploring more OOP concepts in Java. This applies to most over OOP programming languages as well! Leave a like to show some support, subscribe to show some love 🙂

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18 thoughts on “Polymorphism – Java Intermediate Tutorial #3

  1. I know that u r not active right now!! but jus wanted u to know that I was searching for upcasting and downcasting in Google n utube for 2days n never found a good answer!! but u gave a good explanation!! I've seen better tutorials in YouTube but this one was not the best but a really good one🙏🙏🙏🙏 thnx

  2. i dont know why u the only youtube channel that i not get bored when watching and u explain all the core and the use of it and my god the first time i can understand it so fully nice job men u deserve more view than this 

  3. No, when you use "Animal myAnimal = new Duck(int)", myAnimal would still be recognized as an 'Animal', not its subclasses. Therefore to access subclass-specific methods, you have to cast myAnimal to 'that' class. That's how Polymorphism works 🙂

  4. So just to be clear. You cast when there is a unique method in a subclass that is not part of the superclass? I thought when you set myAnimal=new Duck(int) then myAnimal would just get everything from the subclass.

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