Pro Tips – Ball Python Breeding Pt 4 – Follicles


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Part four of Pro Tips: Breeding Ball Pythons for more information see my complete Ball Python breeding recipe:

18 thoughts on “Pro Tips – Ball Python Breeding Pt 4 – Follicles

  1. from what i hear they retain for up to 2 years.
    As far as fertilizing again the next year i dont believe so.
    The way i understand it is they have to ovulate before they can fertilize and dont ovulate if not breeding.
    Again im not positive.

  2. Sup snake dude!
    A couple questions for you
    I bred my 3 foot spider female to two males,
    a pastave and a big pastel and they locked at least 4 times each. That has been a couple weeks ago and now she is about to shed but she does't seem to be "swelling" that much does the swelling occur more post shed?

  3. @bluemoon4562 – Just had a buddy bring by a new camera with a better mic… need to buy one for myself! – I've found that it is not often that a female will reabsorb after the follicles become very large.

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