Programming on the iPad with Pythonista


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This is a short video that shows how you can program in python on the iPad. Good for implementing code running python sketches and just all around learning how to use python to create programs.

7 thoughts on “Programming on the iPad with Pythonista

  1. Is it possible to do statistics in Pythonista? Apparently Python in general is decent for that (some prefer it to R), but I hear the stat library was added in 3.4. Maybe there's some other way.

  2. Ya dan — if you don't learn how to talk – then you are going to leave people like me and Isloan0000 (pronounced EyE-slo-Ön zero-zero-zero-zero) clearly based on a mid-18th century Norwegian dialect know only to google translate) to take time out of our busy YouTube schedules to tell you that in fact the way you pronounce obscure app names is indeed inconsistent with the authority of all things internet. Thank you google for being phonetically accurate – please remove dan's video until he learns how and agrees to speak like a computer-generated sound byte.
    Seriously dan – why don't you just type our your freaking script and have google translate voice over your videos for you. I will admit that this error on your part is putting me very close to unsubscribing from your phonetically immature tutorials.

  3. Hi, Dan. One thing: "Pythonista" is pronounced as "pie-thon-EE-stah". Type Pythonista into Google translate in English mode, then click the play button to hear it. Or try this link to the audio: slash tmMGSb

    Notice the "long E" sound in the middle, not the "short I" sound. That's because this word is based on words of Spanish origin. For example, think of the word Zapatista.

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