Python Eats Invasive Muscovy Duck 01


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I only posted a small portion of the entire feeding sequence, which lasted for three hours until the python fully devoured the muscovy duck, which in itself is an invasive species in Florida just as the many pythons found in the Everglades today. Also, in this video you’ll see a reticulated python which is…

22 thoughts on “Python Eats Invasive Muscovy Duck 01

  1. Shitty video as usual, not showing how the snake attacked and caught the duck. You probably just fed the duck to the snake and cut it out of the video afterwards.
    Shitty lame fucked up cheesy medicore disgusting video indeed.

  2. Um Filho de uma Puta de um Animal que não devia existi era a porra da COBRA só seve pra propagá destruição, não Contribuí em nada pra o meio ambiente…

    Um Animal qui na minha opinião si Fosse EXTINTO não ia fazer a meno falta!!!

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