Python Flask Tutorial: Deploying Your Application (Option #1) – Deploy to a Linux Server


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In this Python Flask Tutorial, we will be learning how to deploy our application to a Linux Server from scratch using Linode.

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We will be covering the entire deployment of a Flask application. This includes spinning up a new Linux Server and tightening its security with SSH keys and firewalls. Then we will install Nginx and Gunicorn so that we can get our…

26 thoughts on “Python Flask Tutorial: Deploying Your Application (Option #1) – Deploy to a Linux Server

  1. In this video, we set up a Linux server from scratch before we deploy Flask, which is what a lot of people have requested. But if you already have a server ready to go then you might not be interested in the setup part. If you'd like to skip the Linux server setup and go straight to the deployment then please skip to 26:48

    I hope people find this useful. Deployment can be a tricky topic because there are so many different choices (e.g. hosts, operating systems, web servers, etc). These are my preferred choices in this video. Remember, if you'd like to sign up for $20 of credit at Linode then you can use my link to signup:

  2. Hello brother!I
    I didn't find any tutorial for Gui using Python!
    Can you please lead me to the video if it was existed, and if not, can you make a tutorial for Gui tkinter.
    I will really appreciate it .

  3. I support Corey through Patreon. His topics are very well explained, great demos and quality content. I hope you all can support in some way because I don't want him to stop making these videos.

  4. server config, ngnix configuration, ssh configuration supervisor config all in one place. This is incredible stuff. A very thorough and detailed explanation. Thank you so much for putting the time to create this tutorial. Also if possible please create the video for including SSL certificate, I have been following flask series and this series now have everything for zero till deploying. It would be great not to leave the ssl part too.

  5. I really spun up an application with your help in just one weekend. Your videos are really great Corey. Keep up the good work. I am eagerly waiting for your SSL implementation as my boss wants me to move the application from http to https. I am really having a hard time adding certificates.

  6. Great job, i sincerely appreciate all of your tutorials, i am one of the few people waiting for your tutorial on uploading django to heroku, since as a windows os user i couldn't follow, i actually did try this "How to Run Linux/Bash on Windows:" but the settings wasn't on my my system

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