Python Flask Tutorial: Full-Featured Web App Part 2 – Templates


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In this Python Flask Tutorial, we will be learning how to use templates. Templates allow us to reuse sections of code over multiple routes and are great for serving up dynamic HTML pages. Let’s get started…

The code for this series can be found at:

The code snippets used in this video can be found here:

If you enjoy these…

47 thoughts on “Python Flask Tutorial: Full-Featured Web App Part 2 – Templates

  1. Dear Corey,

    I don't know how to thank you for all these videos. The quality of your teaching is exceptional. The pace, accent, standard and content is up to the mark. Being a newbie in this area, your course had helped me learn a lot. Thanks a ton!!!

  2. This tutorial is even more simple than the one of Flask's site. Very good! I'm using this for a software engineering group project in my database course. You're a very good teacher. I am just getting into web development frameworks. Flask is my very first. I tried following the Flask tutorial. It really takes some time and energy to mull over when you've been programming in a sandbox at a university and not having to weave different technologies together. I think I'm starting to understand. Flask uses Blueprinting in their tutorial which is a bit new to me.

  3. Well , It was so clear , i loved the html and css that you've created (even a ready bootstrap templates)… Well the question that i wanna is that can we actually learn all bootstrap class all the time ? and is that efficient as well as the safest way ?

  4. Millions thanks to you for huge tutorial, i want to display different information on register, home page in content-section (our slidebar , announcements, latest posts.. Etc). Instead of that another information using can i do that? Great help if anyone?

  5. At 8:30 , how does that .(dot) notation work for accessing dictionary values inside a list? Is it a defined syntax for writing within a codeblock (flask template) or can we use it in python (elsewhere) also?

  6. Do we need to really know and understand the code used in navigation.html,main.html,article.html and main.css inorder to step into a real world project ? I mean, is there a necessity of learning how all that works ?! Thanks in advance

  7. Great tutorial, thank you for that snippets; I don't why but, I don't like CSS and design in general, although it is very necessary, then, one day I need to learn it. Thanks again, Corey.

  8. Hey Corey Schafer , the bootstrap and js cdn which I included is not working (only main.css working) . I have included that cdn from bootstrap get started template as you have shown in video .Please help!

  9. For some reason, my body content is not going inside the div block when I check my blog's source. This is causing the body items to stay at the left of the page. Could I please get some help? If you need I can give you the code.

  10. Hi! I am new to web development.
    My doubt is :
    What is the purpose of Flask? As I thought it was an individual python library. But here we are using HTML, CSS and Bootstrap along with it. But can't we create a website with HTML/CSS/Bootstrap without using Flask?. Thanks for the tutorials!

  11. I'm following this series and I have a little question. 😀
    Should I take my time to understand all those codes for navigation bar, main.css, etc.? Or is it ok if I just copy-paste?

    And Thanks for your hard work to teach us, you are amazing 😀

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