Python Keylogger Tutorial – Windows


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How to create a python keylogger for windows. I will show how to get user keypresses and store them in a text file. This tutorial uses the pynput module which is a third party module not included with the default python installation.

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8 thoughts on “Python Keylogger Tutorial – Windows

  1. Please do more tutorials like these. It really helps me with my class at school. I am counting on you to do more Python tutorials since you keep it more simple. Other python tutorials seem to be outdated and I am not sure if they will work because of Python's version history. They constantly update their coding.

  2. Interesting! Im trying to add a thing were if you type alt and backspace at the same time it erases everything in the file, but it doesnt seem to work at all :(. Do you think you can help? Thanks ๐Ÿ™

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