Python, Linkers, and Virtual Memory


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Brandon Rhodes
Why does “top” show that your Python process uses 110 MB of virtual memory but has a resident set size of 9 MB? Does it consume more memory to spawn several interpreters, or to run one Python and have it fork() further workers? What is

6 thoughts on “Python, Linkers, and Virtual Memory

  1. That bit at 14:38 about needing the .a at link time because necessary metadata isn't present in the .so is false; the reason you need the lxml-dev package is just because it installs a /usr/lib/ symlink to /usr/lib/ (and any needed header files); you tell the linker to link "-lxml2", which it pattern-replaces to "" and tries to find. Without the symlink, that search will fail. (On Windows he'd be right; you need a .lib at link time even when you'll use a .dll at run-time.)

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