Python Programming Tutorial – 9 – Range and While


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49 thoughts on “Python Programming Tutorial – 9 – Range and While

  1. Hi. Thanks for your great tutorials. I was experimenting with different numbers for the magicNumber and the range(x), and I've found that for any magicNumber above 256, there is nothing printed. Otherwise, the program exits with code 0 (no errors). Any ideas?

  2. thx to you i won first in a AI coding competition which is similar to python
    i had the upper hand since i had already learned python from the worlds best python teacher ffrom the best channel
    thx so much
    can you give some python challenges to me please

  3. Sir I wanted to ask about 3 numbers used in range. U used range(10, 40, 5) and printed 10 to 35 with increment of 5. My question is why it didn't print 40 also? Why it started from 10 and ended at 35?

  4. Great video! I have one question, doesn't 'for x in range(10)' need some set? Just like in last video the 'for' needed a set. Also, how come at 5:01, your program said to print(buttcrack) but it printed 5?Thanks!

  5. from this video i learned how to make it so if people open my flashdrive it will crash their computer with an infinite "youve been hacked loop" i wont apply it for fear of frying my computer but u can make it and thats all that matters

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