Python “review” [Elite Dangerous]


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The throbbing python, slithering in my view and taking me for a ride, but what kind of a ride it is?!

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Jingle punks – road to moscow

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24 thoughts on “Python “review” [Elite Dangerous]

  1. I traded my snazzy orca for a python, I'm happy with it, better passenger ship (even though it looks smaller). It's lovely with the body kit, although it's fat arse has gotten me stuck in letter boxes while trying to enter damaged stations for rescue

  2. 8:27 It's strange how bad it is to live in the USSR and how good the Internet is here. Cheap, fast, stable.
    Obviously, the Internet is almost free and the price is set by greedy speculators, focusing on the purchasing power of people. It's good that we have such a weak economy.

  3. this is game is not for you the creators have made a format that is lacking in user interface and they have no customer support once they get your money you are on your own do not buy this game

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