Python Snake eats a rabbit


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At a recent trip to the Greensboro Natural Science Center, We happen to catch a Python around Dinner time. Watch as he eats a frozen Rabbit

33 thoughts on “Python Snake eats a rabbit

  1. You don't know what your talking about mate, pythons only travel large distances to find food or a mate, they don't really move much unless they have to because reptiles like to conserve their energy. In captivity they have both without having to travel very far, I believe they live a life of luxury, no predators, easy meals, all the right nutrition and help if they need it.

  2. I'm the one cluttering it up? Ok…you're the one who sits around all day watching vids of animals getting eaten by snakes, then you troll everyone's comments. Why did you bother replying to me if you didn't wanna "clutter the msg board" ?

  3. Are you just trolling everyone who comments on this vid or something? I've seen you reply to at least 3 or 4 different people on here. Is this the best vid on Youtube or what homie

  4. I know what kind of bulbs were banned. I'll used what ever kind of light I want until the government starts paying my electric bill. That's as bad as NY banning soda cuz it's bad for you, fuck big brother.A snake that is "adapting" to living in a certain kind of condition can't live in another. That's why we have to watch their temp and humidity when keeping them. It's not hard to provide proper care, it's knowing what proper care is that's hard. Cat's are lame, get a dog.

  5. The most popular python is the Ball, which gets to be only 3-4'. Maybe everyone in FL is an idiot especially considering they banned light bulbs, but where I'm from, the larger snakes like burms, tics and large boas like condas and boa constrictors are labeled on the cage with an info sheet, and the shop owner gives a care sheet and asks if they understand how big it will be. I'm sick of the bullshit with FL, pythons cant survive in 85% of the states, so just ban them in the ones they can. duh!!

  6. Many popular snakes, such as the burmese python, can grow to over 15 ft. long. Do you think the average American is paying that much attention when they buy a snake? No, they're just like "oh this one looks cool" and they buy it. Then years later, it gets too big for them to deal with, they release it into the wild, and in places like Florida these creatures are destroying the native eco system.
    Why don't you focus on the bigger picture instead of living in your little bubble.

  7. CONTINUED: Which is why, owners keep snakes in relatively small enclosures. Some keepers do choose to keep there large constrictors in larger cages, but they cramped places to hide such as logs or rocks, so the snake can feel less stressed out.

  8. @JesterEve You clearly have no understanding of pythons and other large constrictors, so I'll tell you. Feeding Snakes live prey is a choice of the owner AND the snake. Some snakes will only take live prey, and sometimes the owners prefer live prey because it can give the snake exercise (The snake actually has to do work to kill it's prey). Now, onto the cage size. Large cages for snakes will stress the snake out. In the wild, you will almost always find snakes hidden under rocks or in burrows.

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