Python Snake Skin Holster- Python Belt-Handmade- Rare WeaponsEducation


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24 thoughts on “Python Snake Skin Holster- Python Belt-Handmade- Rare WeaponsEducation

  1. geeze tom , that's a true work of art. i would love to have one for my sig 1911, but i just work at a big box store,.
    as an average worker its just too expensive for me
    Im certainly not saying its not worth the money, . Something hand made of that quality is simply going to a cost.
    its so nice . great job!

  2. Tom and crew,
    I would suggest looking into reinforcing the mouth of the holster with some kind of metal or resilient polymer so that the holster stays open even when the gun is out. This makes for easier, 1 handed reholstering, and a safer design.

  3. Looks great Tom, cost is out of my price range, but looks great ( sorry on limited budget ).wish I had $800.00 to get the holster /belt combo
    But with 2 kids in college it is unabtainable at this time , ( so pretty ) love your videos / chanel 🙂 you are one of my top go to videos, Thanks Tom.

  4. This looks like an amazing holster and belt design. The quality is obviously the best, as I know you never settle for anything less. Good luck and u hope you and your family had a great thanksgiving.

  5. I am the first one in the country to own this set. The holster and belt that Tom demonstrated is now my everyday carry. All I can say is that overall everything from the stitching, thickness, coating, color and snake skin is amazing. A work of art. 5 plus stars.

  6. Beautiful leather work! As for the 40 year old Singer sewing machine, they knew how to make quality machinery in those days!
    Just a quick question, what price range are we looking at for a typical snakeskin holster?
    My Ruger Redhawk or S&W 627 would really look nice in one!
    I can add it to my Christmas wishlist!
    Thanks for sharing!

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