Python strangles snake charmer during live show | Video


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Snake charmer passes out when python strangles him during live show
Terrifying moment python chokes snake charmer during live act
Python chokes man
Live Act gone wrong

Snake charmer has a terrifying brush with death as his python strangles him during a live show… and the audience thinks it’s all part of his ACT

A snake charmer had a brush with death when his pet python tried to strangle him during a live show in Mau, India, on March 20.

The snake charmer had wrapped an adult python…

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  1. He seemed, by all accounts, to be oblivious when a man ventured in to help. He sprinkled water on the snake and in the long run the python slitered away.

    A gathering of three men surged the unidentified man to a close-by doctor’s facility in Varanasi on March 20, as per The Independent. His condition is as yet obscure.


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