Python Training – Getting Started with Python


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Part 1 of 12. Live recording from NewCircle’s 4-day Python Fundamentals training course.Take this class in-person or online:

In this section, Simeon will cover:
– Getting started with the interactive interpreter
– Types: Strings, Integers, Floats, Complex
– Variables: Defining, Dynamic Typing, Strong Typing, Internals
– Simple Expressions: Boolean Evaluation, Truthiness, Branching, and Block Structure

36 thoughts on “Python Training – Getting Started with Python

  1. Just because you know the product does not mean your good at presenting / teaching it. IMHO he's not a very good instructor.
    Find video's on python with Jessica McKeller and it's not a shameless plug

  2. And going cross platform from php and then to C# is like how again ?? ….. Python is just another language that we can add to our skill set… FUCK where did our bit code go …. At least we didnt have all this programming BS and every language was one language … the one of programming

  3. Thanks for helping us help ourselves grow humanity into the next paradigm. We need multiple languages to do this and the time being wasted arguing about which one to use is not helping, but you are. I am going to learn Python so I can use the new "Clovis Points' of our day, the microcontroller. We are back to weights and pulleys as we help the computer escape its confines and 'live' and work for us, among us.
    Just wait. In 10 years humanity will have outgrown the confines it was born with. Yar.

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