Python Tutorial: Iterators and Iterables – What Are They and How Do They Work?


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In this Python Programming Tutorial, we will be learning about iterators and iterables. There is a lot of confusion around these terms and exactly what they mean. We’re also going to learn how to make an object ourselves that is both an iterable and an iterator. This video isn’t only about understanding these definitions. It’s also about understanding the concepts of iterators so that you can write better code. Understanding these underlying concepts is going to help you write code that is…

28 thoughts on “Python Tutorial: Iterators and Iterables – What Are They and How Do They Work?

  1. Many thanks. Two questions: 1) If we create a class that is a subclass of, say, the List class, we will inherit List's dunder methods, right? So we won't have to manually add _iter_ and _next_ ourselves? and 2) Do you run your narration through some kind of audio speed changer or do you just drink a quadruple espresso before you record?

  2. You're definitely the best python instructor on YouTube by far…But some of us will appreciate it you could maximise the screen size we can clearly see instead of straining our eye which is probably not the best. Thank you

  3. At first i was totally scared of iterators. Next i took a study and understood how do they work and why they are used. Next i wrote some iterators and generators on my own. Then i got a question about iterators on job interview and i was one of few people who actually answered the question (as they said later). Now i really love this feature of python and this is kinda future of it because whole async thing is based on yield thing.

    Thank you for videos! I continue to learn a lot from you!

  4. hey corey can you please upload rest api videos in django and flask with authentication and also on seperate detailed video on queryset like wiriting queries in queryset using mysql plzzzz? waiting waiting 🙂

  5. Ur videos are awesome Corey I have been watching all ur videos… please make an video on SYS module as well as XML parsing…I have got bunch of videos from you tube none other videos are up to the mark as u…ur explanation in any concept is at peeks no body beats u… thanks a lot

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