Python tutorials in Hindi 02 : Python as a calculator


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Python programming beginner tutorial part 2
Basics of programming , python tutorials in hindi , fundamentals of programming, advance python concepts .
If you never learned programming before this is best step to start
this is beginner step by step tutorials of python language from very basics to very advance topics we will build our own apps in this course so stay with these videos I’m pretty sure that these videos will help you ..
thank you
this is 100 % free tutorials so please…

45 thoughts on “Python tutorials in Hindi 02 : Python as a calculator

  1. Harshit very good and best tutorial But Zoom videos and tu jo bar bar comma-comma bolta hai use parentheses bola kar yani jo naya hai use bhi asan hoga samjna aur tu jo bhi code likhega use IDLE par hi run kar na nahi to jo new student hai unko bata diya kar ki python file open kar ke usme code likhne ke bad us file ko (.py ) nam se save kara na ok!!!
    baki Harshit tune bahut hi badia Python padha raha hai
    All The Best aage badha ne ke lia

  2. thank you …Harshit ji…..good way to teach language…..can u give me suggestion…..
    can learn any other language after learning this one…..and will I get chances to work in technology field… I do not know anthying about computer science….except BASIC knowledge….My background is non-technical…..I have just passed ..BA

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