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BIG CYPRESS, FLORIDA — A journalist riding his bike near near the everglades witnessed an unnatural sight that has been becoming increasingly more common — a Burmese python drowning an alligator.

On the morning of Dec. 21, while cycling, journalist Joe Capozzi heard some commotion coming from a swamp up ahead. He hopped off his bike to investigate and spotted a 6-foot alligator, belly up and fighting for its life, as a 15-foot python coiled itself around the gator’s body.


23 thoughts on “Python vs Alligator: video shows massive snake suffocate and drown gator in Florida – TomoNews

  1. it was a little alligator pythons can only tangle with gators 6 foot or smaller alligators that are around 10 ft can kill big snakes seen it 3 times i think people need not kill the alligators and let them wipe the pythons out

  2. Should have waited till the python had half the alligator in it's mouth as that's when they are most vulnerable. Then he could have used his American gun to kill the snake. Helping rid the area of these foreign immigrant snakes with their backward ideologies.

    And just imagine all the the lovely handbags and boots that could have been made..

  3. those pythons are invasive species. they are from india and south east asia, and they are decimating floridas wildlife. even small and very adaptable and hardy animals like raccoons have seen their numbers plummet. in one medium sized florida national park, experts estimated over 100,000 invasive snakes to be living there.

    so what is the wildlife protection services doing in florida? well, it is the law in florida that hunter who kill these snakes cant keep them and have to give the entire snake to the environmental agency, that agency documents and catalogs the snakes length, stomach contents etc. thats literally all the fucking government wildlife service does to try to save the natural florida wildlife. so you would think hunters would be hunting these snakes like crazy right? well actually hunters bring in only about 1500 dead snakes every year, (which makes up the majority of invasive snakes killed each year). the reason for this is because the land designated for hunting these snakes is very very small. it doesnt even make up one percent of floridas land mass.

    because of this there have been propositions to expand the hunting grounds for invasive snakes even into the national parks. but this has been rejected by the wildlife protection services, environmental groups and local university faculty. there has been another proposition to pay hunters a bounty for the invasive snakes, that has also met negative criticism.

    so the very agency designed to protect floridas wildlife, and environmental groups who claim to be for the environment, are fucking allowing floridas natural animal population to be decimated because they are to fucking afraid of allowing men with guns kill animals anywhere outside small designated hunting grounds. fucking brilliant. this is a prime example of stupidity from the left.

    all the info i got is from a documentary called:

    exotic invaders: pythons in the everglades

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