Royal Ball Python (Python regius) Snake Reptile Vivarium / Terrarium Set-Up


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My Fire ball python Jake’s custom-made enclosure / tank / cage, measuring 4 feet wide x 2 feet depth x 16 inches height (not including stand).

This tank has four stainless steel ventilation slits and 6mm thick lockable glass sliding doors. It also contains the following:

1. Aspen snake bedding
2. Exo Terra feeding dish / water bowl
3. Exo Terra primate skull
4. Plastic hollow log
5. Zoo Med Habba Hut treated wood hide
6. Exo Terra hygrometer
7. Exo Terra thermometer
8. 3 foot T5…

18 thoughts on “Royal Ball Python (Python regius) Snake Reptile Vivarium / Terrarium Set-Up

  1. I recommend Forest Floor bedding, they love the smell. And adding branches, they like climbing and exercise helps them with not getting constipated. Adding Plants makes them feel more like in nature. Yeah I agree with a comment below, Aspen is very dry, these guys need higher humidity that aspen doesn’t keep, otherwise they will have lung problems.

  2. I got the same set up for a tank. My python Hines (named after Hines Ward). Wife's a Steelers fan. Any suggestions on keeping the humidity at a normal level. I'm afraid to add a mister since the outlets for the lights are inside the tank.

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