Ruby on Rails – ECommerce Shopping Card in 30 minutes

Ruby On Rails

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In this tutorial you are going to learn how to build an ecommerce shopping card in Rails in almost under 30 minutes!

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A lot of the code comes from HappyCodings Rails tutorial which you can find here on YouTube as well.

Link to GitHub:

4 thoughts on “Ruby on Rails – ECommerce Shopping Card in 30 minutes

  1. Important: at 21:31 you have to change both calls to before_save just like in order.rb

    Because we have existing records, its possible that you still get an error. In this case, do the following:

    rails db:reset
    Then go to application_controller, and add just under the class reset_session
    rails s
    Load the app in the browser and refresh it 1-2 times.
    Shut down the server.
    Remove reset_session from application_controller.rb

    It should work now just fine. Because of the fresh migration, you have to go to /products in your browser again and create new products!

    Sorry for that! If you have still problems, simply comment on here and i will guide you through it. Cheers!

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