Samsung’s Android Oreo New Emojis! :D


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We all love a good emoji and Samsung’s Android Oreo’s new emojis don’t disappoint.

There are also multiple skin tones for the majority of them which is a welcome edition.

Which is your favourite? I think this is mine is the ‘mind blown’ one XD

You can find the individual images uploaded here:

Credit to again for the music

33 thoughts on “Samsung’s Android Oreo New Emojis! :D

  1. I didnt do anything i just have this emoji btw i download keyboard ans they have this emoji 😛😌😨😘😒😃😘😓😍😒😃😉😇😄😇😄😎😛😓😍😊😌😔😘😛😘😛😣😘😣😡😜😍😓😓😃😑😎😛😎😛😎😛😒😄😈😎😉😃😂😝😒😌😌😒😈💔😴😀😱✌💖💖✌💔😱💕💗💝💗💜💜😱✋💖👎💔😷😫🙉 I am to lazy to finish the emoji

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