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44 thoughts on “SANTA Vs. KRAMPUS! – WHO WILL WIN???

  1. Even if we disregard that in Christian stories the saint would always win, or that some tales suggest Krampus works for Saint Nick, we have to consider that Santa can use magic by touching his nose, call on a swarm of elves, and run over Krampus with a fleet of 8-9 flying reindeer able to traverse the entire planet in a single rotation of the sun.

  2. Jazza, the Krampus's main sound are the chains with witch he drags the children into he's lair and tourtures them before he kills them…i know when i was little my aunt's boyfriend (now husband) allways dressed up as a demon unleeshed from the fires of hell and had dosends of chains with witch he raddeld outside my window on St. Nicolaus night(and it's st. Nikola not Coca-Cola's santa claus). And then St. Nicola and the Krampus came to see if i knew how to pray, and asked my parents if i were any good on the passed year. I live in croatia, i don't know if it deferes in other country's.

    Btw. Marry Christmas to you all, and have a wonderfull new year with lots of health, happyness, wealth and all other things your harts desire! (not just Jazza and he's family but all you that are reading this comment)

  3. This was awesome! I'd love to see Santa fight the Grinch lol. My family taught me about Krampus when I was a teenager. Basically if you weren't good, Krampus would take you on Christmas eve, and give you a beating. Then he takes you to his home and makes you his slave until you've learned your lesson. I know the real lore of Krampus is much worse, but that's what I was told as a kid

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