Scrapy Tutorial Part 1


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In this tutorial I go through some of the basics of using the python Scrapy framework through the Windows command prompt.

NOTE: These commands work the same on Mac and Linux if you have the framework correctly configured and installed.

WARNING: I do not take any responsibility for any illegal activity you might commit with the techniques I am teaching. Use at your own risk.

29 thoughts on “Scrapy Tutorial Part 1

  1. the tutorial i was looking for!

    as a note. has been replaced with response.xpath() in the newer Scrapy version (I'm using Scrapy 0.24.4). But the rest of the commands work just fine with that replacement.

  2. Hi, I would like to create a simple script that collect some text from a website and place it in a text file and then increment by 2 the weblink and do the same up to a specific number.
    Any suggestions on how to do that?

  3. hi. just discovered scrapy . to install on my win xp. gana look thru rest of your vids.. it is hrad to read what your typing as your resolution makes text small.. other than that i think your are going to be a big help.. thanks.

  4. Alex, You have a wonderful ability to make others understand what you want to convey, but then there are some glitches like the video and too many jargon's etc.. am not saying you are bad am just saying this could be even better with little changes here and there.
    I really appreciate you taking your time for making this video, even the tutorial 2 has the same problem, see if you could do something bout this.

    Great Job!!!! thumbs up for you!!!

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