Search the Ebay API in 14 Lines of Python Code


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How to send a ‘Finding’ Request to the Ebay API using Python3


from ebaysdk.finding import Connection as finding
from bs4 import BeautifulSoup


Keywords = input(‘what are you searching for? (ex: white piano)n’)
api = finding(appid=ID_APP, config_file=None)
api_request = { ‘keywords’: Keywords }
response = api.execute(‘findItemsByKeywords’,…

28 thoughts on “Search the Ebay API in 14 Lines of Python Code

  1. Hi, I am getting an error : ebaysdk.exception.ConnectionError: 'findItemsByKeywords: Internal Server Error, Domain: CoreRuntime, Severity: Error, errorId: 5006, Unable to create xml stream reader for XML: payload format incorrect or payload is empty'

  2. Traceback (most recent call last):
    File "F:/6th Semester/WS/", line 1, in <module>
    from ebaysdk.finding import Connection as finding
    ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'ebaysdk'

    how can i get out from this error help me.

  3. Thanks so much for this video!, I figured out how to get other things like seller name and feedback score!. I wanted to know how to find the UPC, its using GetProductDetails, but idk what request to put in and how to set it up. If you could make a video on that IT WOULD BE AWESOME! Thanks so much!

  4. Thank you so much for this video! I have been trying to figure out how to use Python to scrape data from eBay for my research and this video helped a lot! Please post more videos about how to get data for multiple items!

  5. great video!. thanks mate! just wondering if there's a way we can list all items that have "quantity sold" greater than 10? or whatever number? i have tried using the "findItemsByKeywords" but the quantitySold field is not there. i need to get a second call on "GetSingleItem" to get it which makes it too slow if i need to get all the items under a specific keyword.

  6. hey man, thanks for the info, is there any way to be able to do this for multiple items?
    Ie. collecting all the items that show up on the index pages when you type in the search bar on the regular Ebay site?
    thanks so much.

  7. this new insights for me, well i've got a question.
    can we personally create a function that fetch a best seller item from a seller account (competitors) ?

    I'm new in API and currently I'm practicing using PHP Curl because i never use python before. Thank you

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