Setting up a Ball Python Display Cage


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Jen talks about how to set up a more deluxe, visually appealing display cage for ball pythons.

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45 thoughts on “Setting up a Ball Python Display Cage

  1. Hey! Ive just got enough to get a darling little hatchling and so I’m of course excited but before I end up buying, anyone want to elaborate on what she meant by a simple cage? Just want to be sure before setting up so the snake feels comfortable.

  2. I love the video honestly:) but in my opinion for me personally if it were a display tank I would most likely go with a bio active tank. Not only does it look nice and beautiful but it is more healthy for the ball python. I just don't like the look of all the artificial stuff and plastic.

  3. Good video but cypress mulch is a substrate I definitely don't recommend, can easily increase chances of respitory infections and if not taken care of, mites or scale rot. It's not horrible but there are way better choices. I love the eco earth coconut substrate mixed with forest floor

  4. Log hides aren't secure enough, you should use caves, a hide is supposed to hide them away from you to where you can't see them. Using lots of foliage like that is the only way to compensate, so if you use logs make sure you have lots more clutter.

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