Sim Settlements: Patch – Better Living Underground


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Adds the Vault 88 City Plan!

See full patch notes for details:

Scrap Crash Fix for F4SE Users: (Download the Power Grid Tools, and follow the directions in the description)

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35 thoughts on “Sim Settlements: Patch – Better Living Underground

  1. given skyrim on switch had the same original bugs as the first skyrim release … yah i doubt they will ever fix that scrap bug , creation club client updates are useless

  2. The way they did perks in 76 is honestly growing on me a lot, though that could just be because the whole "baseball cards" bit seems to fit more than the current perk system. That, and transferring the "scrapping" abilities for junk, and the changes in weight would be neat mods to get in.

  3. Interesting…. I don't use many mods, but nearly all the ones I do use are Workshop items.
    I don't get those kind of crashes tho because I tend to newgame after adding a mod or two. Had no idea I was avoiding a crash trigger. Thanks for the heads up.

  4. I know you’re busy probably making sim settlements stuff but I had an idea for an small mod I would make it but idk anything about creating mods this idea is to modify the salon chair or whatever u call it that let’s u edit your character what I mean bye modify u get it in wasteland work shops but it’s kinda disappointing u don’t see any npc use it I had the idea what if u Assign the npc to the chair and it gives u accuse too an npc editor System kinda like the one in amazing follow teaks idk I just think it’ll be cool making my settlers in any way I want just an suggestion asking u guys about cuz you’re the main mod creators I know that don’t ignore their players ^^ hope u fine the idea as interesting as I do cuz would love to see an System like it in game also loving sim settlements using it for all my settlement building XD

  5. Brilliant. Now the only thing that needs fixing is the script limitations ingame. When too much scripts are running, my settlers just stand still and do nothing. A lot of people had this problem and apparently it is because of too much scripting running at the same time. And i think you're the only one that can fix that 😀

  6. When you play Fallout 76, if it's your first time doing so, you should go to the overseer's office before leaving, as if I remember rightly not only do you get an update to your quest here, but you also get some exp too.

  7. I was so excited for Vault 88, then after few minutes i realised it's just a glorified shell inside a large hangar, no matter what i will build. Even the stupid wall lights shine through the vault walls. Therefore a city plan is greatly appreciated by me, so i don't have to deal with that mess 🙂

  8. Please fix the script's that effect the perk tree, where they quit working randomly. I.E. sniper perk, and pain train. they will randomly stop working and wont work again until you remove all levels of the perk, then re add them back via console.

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