SMS Verification Codes made Easy on Android!


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In this video, Laurence Moroney (@lmoroney) takes you through the process of using the SMS Retriever API on Android. This API lets your app automatically receive verification codes without requesting full SMS reading permissions, and providing a great user experience where the codes are automatically handled without user intervention.

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23 thoughts on “SMS Verification Codes made Easy on Android!

  1. Does anyone know how to decrease the default timeout down to 30sec from 5min? The default timeout 5min is too big. And, most importantly, can anyone tell how to re-launch the SMS Retriever task after 30sec with canceling the previous task?

  2. need to know which libraries need to add in build.gradle file for this. I am facing an issue in integration. please have a look on that and provide the solution for that :

    You have given the every thing in the guide but the main thing is missing i.e. the configuration in buill.gradle file. also in the release note of google play services 11.8.0 it is missing that we can have problem :"Failed to resolve: play-services-auth-base-license in 11.8.0" and there is no solution provided for that.

  3. I was locked out of my account this morning. when I tried to get a verification code sent to my phone, Google kept saying the code was incorrect even though I was entering the same code. also, I was sent the same code over and over which seemed strange. eventually I had the code sent to another phone which then worked. why were the codes sent to my phone wrong?

  4. sir, i created an android application in which i used OTP firebase verification. When i run this app in debug mode, it works fine, but when i build it (relase) apk , i did not get any sms . please provide the helpful steps.

  5. This presentation is really awesome but if I may ask is there a sample project covering only this course?
    Or a full tutorial taking us through a sample project so that we the beginners can also catch up quickly please

  6. the question is. do we trust google after all? they're so invasive over anything. they essentially who knows what they have access to/for. yet they're always keep silent of anything (at least for those who dont understand using them)

  7. Hi. I have been using this new API since Google IO. Why the hint picker doesn't show the country number? When the result arrives the country code is there. It would be nice to be consistent.

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