Snake Game in Python Part 5


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A simple snake game tutorial for beginners made using Python 3. Download the code here:

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4 thoughts on “Snake Game in Python Part 5

  1. Thank you for the helpful videos. The hardest part was getting the python ide running on my mac, but now I am following along nicely.
    I had the exact same "TypeError: object of type 'Turtle' has no len( )" error as Kolterdyx and eventually figured mine was due to a mistake in the Hide Segments loop where I had put "for segments in segments:"

  2. Rather than set the segments to a location off screen, you could also use segment.hideturtle(). It is still a bit of a memory leak since the segments still exist, but at least they are not being drawn. It also helps if you update the game to handle different screen sizes by using wm.window_height() and wm.window_width() instead of a hard coded +/-290.

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