Sonic Runners [Android / Version 1.0.4t] – Puyo Puyo Quest Event #01


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18 thoughts on “Sonic Runners [Android / Version 1.0.4t] – Puyo Puyo Quest Event #01

  1. Dang, i still remember this event… it was like a fucking fanfiction, still, my favourite crossover from two sega universes (well, i know puyo puyo was from compile in the first place, but still) for the moment

  2. If i renember it, Puyo Puyo was originally meant to be released only in Japan. But SEGA leaked this secret by making a Puyo Puyo Quest style Event in an Sonic Runners, which is an English game. Well… This is quite unusual, but Two Puyo Puyo Series games are released in English, one is Puyo Pop for Game Boy Advance and another is Puyo Pop Fever (For many consoles, including Game Boy Advance Nintendo DS, Nintendo GameCube, PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable Dreamcast, Xbox, Xbox 360 and even for PC and Mac!)

  3. Puyo puyo is a fall blocking game competing tetris by development in 1990. in 1991 the game was made for the msx & a port for the nes went through in 1993.
    puyo puyo made ports for consoles and arcades, handhelds, and devices too. we still prefer the crossover event by 2015 & 2016. sonic and puyo puyo
    will be dismissed by the same year that they were made & developed.

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