Sony Xperia Android 8.0 Setup Tips – Shown on XZ1 Compact


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In this video I’ll give you my top 5 for setting up your Sony Xperia XZ1 Compact (, and any Sony Xperia phone with Android 8.0 Oreo.

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This video was shot on a Sony Xperia XZ Premium.

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15 thoughts on “Sony Xperia Android 8.0 Setup Tips – Shown on XZ1 Compact

  1. What are your favorite Android Oreo features are on your Sony phone? Also, I forgot to mention the "Smart backlight control" feature under Display settings to keep your display on while you're looking at it.

  2. Best review so far for the XZ1 Compact – Thanks for the tip on disabling the soft skin switch on selfie mode and ability to change icon packs – Great work my friend I subscribed !

  3. Do you actually use the phone on a daily basis or just for the videos?
    I am thinking about buying it since XZ2 compact is strange, and I hope XZ1c will suffer a price drop..

  4. Hi Sir, this is out of the topic. but i would like to ask if your instagram is the old version installed. or is it like an icon changer?
    your reply will be appreciated. Thanks! Great vid btw.

  5. Nice set up tips. Always great seeing how other users set up their phones. Is this going to be an on going serious for other devices too? Great and always interesting video Grant.

  6. I always turn on Battery care because I think my XZPREMIUM is a device I'll be using for more than 3 years.

    In the audio settings I have S-Force Front surround turned on. This usually improves the stereo performance coming from the speakers of the phone from my experience. What I noticed is that volume is louder and clearer by compensating bass/ low frequencies. Lets be honest, theyre smartphone speakers so bass is not priority on them.

    On the topic of audio, I see you're a bass head. Have you ever used Viper4Android? Its an amazing audio mod for rooted androids and I highly recommend it with great praise.

    About the camera, on my XZPREMIUM I don't have the option to select between modes on the front cam. Is this true with yours too?

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