Stalking a Python: Hunting Snakes in a New Florida Competition | The New York Times


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Florida’s wildlife agency is organizing its first python hunting competition. A group known as the Florida Python Hunters is out to win the challenge. Will they even catch one?

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22 thoughts on “Stalking a Python: Hunting Snakes in a New Florida Competition | The New York Times

  1. all yall need shut hell up. Still is no reason kill a innocent python that just trys survive like us humans. A animal is animal. Called circle of life and a food chain. Get over it.

  2. Why aren't the fed's using their heads n setting out chinese finger traps. lol. Don't these snakes hangout in the same, small, general area day after day? If so, why aren't we using satellite photos to get an idea of larger concentrations, particularly with infrared et al? Maybe i'm 'naive'. Hey, but what about drones for the hunters to use? Save time, energy and cover a much larger area to save our NATURAL wildlife. We Americans should do like the Aussies did when rabbits were all the rage last century- shoulder to shoulder clubbing sweeps! Or, have gov't sponsored, (ie C.C.C. of the 1930's), tall, forest ranger-type outposts dedicated to ONLY spotting these vermin. Give high schoolers, prisoners n reformed politicians credit for their service. Hire a vet sniper! Have the local 4H Club set up baited, monitoring stations with huge pigs inside of a pen that would allow the snake in, but not out, when engorged! 'They' should do this with Hometown Buffets too, btw!

  3. Instead of spending time and money on catching and killing "invasive species", how about (re-)introducing natural predators of those snakes?  Many birds of prey hunt for snakes, so why not let nature do the work?  Humans can be so daft and/ or dumb!

  4. The fact that people see these pythons as such a big threat is silly, if they're a threat here in the everglades wouldn't they be a threat in there homeland too?? No excuse to kill all these animals, and we as humans are much more invasive then these pythons. Oh and a little fun fact for those who think the pythons are taking over, these snake have been proven to not even be able to survive in north Florida, because of the climate. So…. that'll never happen anytime soon, and the day it does, will have a lot more to worry about than a python infestation.

  5. the snakes do not belong in the Florida ecosystem. They need to be removed.
    What is next black Mambas.If you want a pet adopt a homeless dog or cat. Don't bring non native animals to the U S

  6. +Desir123infication the ball python is the most domesticated python. And Retic pythons arent aggressive either. Pythons are constictors they will try to flea before standing there ground like venomous snakes. Stop passing on the wrong info.

  7. but New York is really up north and pythons need warmth to move… and it could present a problem in the winter where rats have a window to breed when the pythons are unable to move/dead…. theres a hunting window in the summer, but spring and autum are to short

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