Sublime Text Editor Support for Autodesk 3ds Max MaxScript (and Python)


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In this short video, I step way out of my typical comfort zone to share an interesting tip and trick for the TD’s and scripting gang out there. Sublime Text is a popular text-editor that accommodates lots of favored workflows in the industry, and this quick video shows how to add support to it for MaxScript. The result is the ability to open, edit and execute MaxScripts from Sublime, which also has support for Python (as does 3ds Max 2015). HUGE thanks to my good friend, Rogier Van Etten,…

7 thoughts on “Sublime Text Editor Support for Autodesk 3ds Max MaxScript (and Python)

  1. UPDATE TO THIS: No longer works this video tut as the repository is no longer available. Manual method works and just as quick.

    Old link of the repository is:, but it comes back with ERROR 'This repository has been deleted. So.

    1. Install Sublime 2 (NOT 3, it is not compatible yet)
    2. Go to
    3. Download the repository
    4. In Sublime Text go to Preferences -> Browse Packages
    5. Create a folder named 'Send to 3ds Max'
    6. Extract the contents to the folder
    7. Restart Sublime
    8. Go to menu "Preferences >>> Key Bindings – User" and copy and paste these lines to that so it looks like:

    { "keys": ["ctrl+e"], "command": "send_file_to_max" },
    { "keys": ["shift+enter"], "command": "send_selection_to_max"}

    9. Restart Sublime.

    Careful with part 8 as the lines shown in link 2 are wrong. It's missing a , at the end of line 2.

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