Super Mario Sunshine Multiplayer Mod on Android with Joycons | Dolphin Emulator


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▶Full Super Mario Sunshine on Google Pixel XL performance video:

Here is Super Mario Sunshine with the multiplayer mod running on Google Pixel XL via Dolphin Emulator Android with the Nintendo Switch’s Joycons! Dolphin was over clocked at 60 using OpenGL. I’ll be posting a video of different emulators on Android using Joycons in the future. The Joycons do have input lag, and can’t…

47 thoughts on “Super Mario Sunshine Multiplayer Mod on Android with Joycons | Dolphin Emulator

  1. Just a quick video showing that the multiplayer mod for Super Mario Sunshine works on Android! I'll make a full video of the Joycons working on Android for other emulators and games soon.

  2. Good guide – it works as described. But, yeah, the input lag on the joy cons is unbearable. Feels like Android only polls for bluetooth input changes once a second as my inputs like movement are so delayed and extended.

  3. if nintendo had a £5 virtual console with games going in pennies, e.g pokemon emerald for 50p or even mario double dash with online multiplayer for £5 they would make millions from modern nostalgia

  4. lol I remember playing Sonic 2 (Android) using a Switch Joycon.

    How I did it;
    1.Turn on Joycon
    2.Turn on Bluetooth (on Android device)
    3.Let Bluetooth do some scanning,it should eventually detect the Joycon.
    4.Select Joycon on Android device and press 'Pair'.
    5.You can play your game using Joycon once it pairs with Android device.

    P.S-I dunno how to do it for 2P,as I only managed to do it for 1P. But I gotta warn you,the controls may have delays between presses and could be a bit stiff,these things happen while I was play testing Sonic 2.

    Well,give it a try!!

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