Super Street Fighter 4 Beginner’s Guide Part 8: Training Mode & Execution


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Part 8 of my tutorial series for beginners. Find the other parts here on youtube or at

Thanks to Starcade RIP who wrote an excellent execution guide which helped complete the second half a lot. You can find at

16 thoughts on “Super Street Fighter 4 Beginner’s Guide Part 8: Training Mode & Execution

  1. @reprovo
    I get this, too and i'm playing SSF4 on 360. Things work in training mode, but sometimes online i'll get beaten by rubbish players because my game feels slower and unresponsive. It's as if they can just hit through my blocks, even though the blocks worked in training mode.

  2. Great video series. I loved them all but this one and buffering have been my favorites so far. But I have learned from all of them. I just wanted to thank you for all of your work. Amazing videos that will help players for a long time to come. Thank you very much!

  3. @reprovo
    You are probably playing on a weak PC and the game runs faster, because the training room background level is very basic and less strenous for your PC to handle.
    DO NOT PLAY ONLINE until this is resolved, you will annoy other people and end up being ignored and flamed.
    Either upgrade your PC with a new graphic card or lower your quality settings until the game runs absolutely smooth on all levels.

  4. Thumbs up, of course. This episode probably hits home most for me. I'm guilty of practicing less than I actually fight, but in my defense, I want to make sure I don't burn myself out with the game as being something that's more work than play. But the video has definitely inspired me to put more effort into practice. These tutorials have been incredibly helpful for me. Huge thanks!

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