Syncing Android Emulator Save Game Data Across Devices Using Synology NAS and Cloud Station


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Buy it on Amazon – (affiliate link) – I wanted to find a way to sync my save game files between an Nvidia Shield TV and my other Android devices like my GPD XD. Here’s how I did it! See more retro here: and subscribe here!

So I like retro games, especially emulating my old favorites. The problem is that my saved games always remained on the device I was playing on. So if I moved from my Nvidia Shield TV to my Android handheld devices I…

18 thoughts on “Syncing Android Emulator Save Game Data Across Devices Using Synology NAS and Cloud Station

  1. How reliable is this feature on Android using the Synology NAS? The reviews on the DS Cloud app on the play store are very bad. I am looking into purchasing a NAS but I'm not sure whether to get the Synology or WD My Cloud. Is this feature available using the WD My Cloud?

  2. As always, this is an awesome idea. Never thought about it for saved games. I use Dropbox for pictures and stuff, but I am sure glad you suggested this. Honestly, I think that the subscription to YOUR CHANNEL was one of the best things that I have done so far this year. Very good, Lon, you'll so easily be successful at this Youtube thing.

  3. Hi Lon! Do you know if there is something like this on Qnap devices? and do you know if is possible to store all my ROM files on the nas drive and point the folder on the nvidia shield tv emulators?

  4. Not sure if this is your suit but I'll give it a shot. So I play Xbox a lot however my router can't handle more than one person/device connected to it. So I want to purchase a router for my xbox so the Internet will be put directly towards the Xbox. I have no clue where I could purchase a router for this situation and I'm not looking to drop loads of money, anyone know anything good for me that is semi-affordable? Thanks for your time.

  5. Another great reason that I have decided to buy a Synology DS216j (once Amazon gets the shipping down from 2-5 weels not sure whats going on there). Any chance there is an email address that someone like me can send an email to Synology at stating Lon is the reason that I am buying one of their products?

  6. Hi Lon,

    Great video 🙂 You did a good job doing this with all the file version history using Synology. Perfect setup for retro gamers that uses multiple devices.

    You can also implement this using a raspberry pi as NAS server and FolderSync from PlayStore. It's a little clunky to setup and lacks some of the features shown in this video but it works pretty well 🙂

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