Indian Train City Drive Road – Railroad Builder Construction Simulator – Android GamePlay

❤ Please Subscribe to the Channel : — ↓ More Information & App Download ↓ — ➔ Download Games : ➔ Game Developer : Sablo Games – ➔ Are you wondering to build a real train road? If Yes! Then find it with Sablo Games in top level rail road building. Here […]

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Chat@Scale Mobile Android Desktop GUI Python Preview By Jerome AMON

This short video shows the preview of my Chat@Scale GUI and Mobile Platform. These two versions (Desktop GUI and Mobile App) will be release soon. My website : http:/ Link for recent console-based versions : Subscribe to stay informed. Enjoy!

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Newspaper Ransomware Attack, How Facebook Tracks You on Android, USB-Type-C Authentication – WB50

In this episode released January 7, 2019: Newspaper ransomware attack, how Facebook tracks you on Android, and USB-Type-C authentication. The Weekly Blaze podcast is where we update you on the top 3 security and privacy news stories from the past week. These weekly podcasts are published every Monday and are 15 minutes or less quickly […]

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