Terraria 1.3 MOBILE UPDATE – Good News & Bad News (ANDROID AND IOS)


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What Is Up – Today I will be discussing about Terraria 1.3 for Android and IOS Version. As we all know when there is good…

31 thoughts on “Terraria 1.3 MOBILE UPDATE – Good News & Bad News (ANDROID AND IOS)

  1. I fuckin hate the devs on terraria mobile cause they dont even update it ill be happy if tey update it like every year because if i defeate all boss theres still no update if they dont wanna update it on mobile then ill just uninstall terraria cause its now useless and not fun if theres no update ill just switch to roblox cause the games there update every month like wow 🙂 but im still team terraria

  2. Im not going into argument but making this video really breaks other peoples hope for 1.3 mobile pipeworks is working on it and i hope there going to do there best for this update just like they did on console 🙂

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