TESLA TINY HOUSE! Live Tesla New Recap and Q&A for Aug 14, 2017


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23 thoughts on “TESLA TINY HOUSE! Live Tesla New Recap and Q&A for Aug 14, 2017

  1. I have photos of Tesla “ tiny house”. It is a shell of a tiny house, simply a show room. What’s the tow capacity of a Tesla? Apparently the car isn’t towing it, was seen by our tiny house followers that a tow truck is towing it, and the Tesla only tows it a short distance.

  2. I believe there is a CA law that a property owner Must allow the installation of charging equipment if the tenant pays for the installation. Perhaps another informational item for a portion of a video.

  3. Your comment about which quarter Tesla will hit 200k units and thereby trigger the decline in the Fed Tax Credit is of no consequence to any buyer who wasn't among the first orders placed. Any one entering an order NOW will not be expected to take delivery for over a year – and the tax credit should be completely gone.

  4. Regarding "all controls via touch screen" – my experience with my 2015 Volt (which has a center touch screen for controls of most everything) and some dedicated hard buttons both on the steering wheel (volume, skip/next, source) and center stack, I can tell you that within a few dozen hours in a car, you learn by feel where the most common controls are (like radio and HVAC). With a touch screen only, you can't go just by feel b/c there's literally zero tactile feedback on a sheet of glass. You may be close (assuming the screen doesn't reconfigure and there are "dedicated" areas for things like radio and climate that you always have along the bottom or something, but you're going to have to take your eyes off the road to adjust things. Period. In my car, I can do most any radio or climate control settings changes without ever looking down. That's just a simple fact of touch screen vs hard buttons. Does every car need 923048 buttons? No. You can probably get away with 2 or 3 scrolling knobs and a couple dedicated buttons, but beyond that, you're just wankin' it.

  5. Tiny house is great. Here in South Africa we have a lot of people living in shacks and I've always thought that a commercial drop-in house like this could actually be made for a reasonable proce.

  6. I think when people talk about how cars won't be owned anymore they seem to forget that they are essentially a status symbol. People might not drive them as often but they will still own them. It's why people but multiple consoles even though they don't have the time to play them and pc's are objectively better. It's why I have two televisions even though I never use them. People sometimes buy and own stuff just because.

  7. Sounds like a case of miscommunication. My guess is that if you order a Model 3 now the tax incentive will be gone by time you take delivery of it (deliveries for orders made today won't be available until the end of '18).

  8. Just curious about the Tesla semi idea. What kind of container would it pull? 20 ft, 40 ft, high cube? Somebody should do the math on this for fun and giggles. Or, at least give Jesse James from Monster Garage a call.

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