Text To Speech – Android Studio – Java


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In this video we will create a “Text To Speech” application, which can be used to speak the text from any view e.g. EditText, TextView etc.

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3 thoughts on “Text To Speech – Android Studio – Java

  1. Bro…..after installing the app in my mobile…..I can enter the text and press the speak button….it will show only the toast message (what r the text I typed) ……I cannot speak the text bro …..pls help me

  2. My code:
    tts.speak(text, TextToSpeech.QUEUE_FLUSH, null, null);
    My error:
    java.lang.NullPointerException: Attempt to invoke virtual method 'int android.speech.tts.TextToSpeech.speak(java.lang.CharSequence, int, android.os.Bundle, java.lang.String)' on a null object reference

    How to solve this? T_T

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