The Android TV Box – YOU’VE BEEN WAITING FOR! (2018)


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The Android TV Box – YOU’VE BEEN WAITING FOR! (2018) One of the top / best android tv box 2018! This video is an unboxing and full review of the Mecool M8s Pro L & W android tv box versions running android tv os! Including antutu benchmark / benchmarks ! Amazing best / top cheap / budget box for streaming, kodi, iptv / live etc in 2018! Also can be used for light gaming as…

20 thoughts on “The Android TV Box – YOU’VE BEEN WAITING FOR! (2018)

  1. Just bought 1 was a smart TV android box .but on my TV goes purple but I've noticed there's android TV box .does it mean u need smart TV to use .the smart android as it works on my dad's smart TV but on my Sony goes purple

  2. I tried 2 boxes from cheap end they both died when try to update them. Finally I buy Nvidia shield it’s worth the money and wil last longtime with no issues. And it got Chromecast it’s awesome

  3. Ok it's no secret that you do these gear reviews for the purposes to make money on each unit you review, so with that understood which device would you recommend even if its not from this manufacturer that is worth the value? Also keeping in mind firmware updates in the future as well as the OS version.

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