The Benefits of Rooting your Android Phone | Tablet


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I often get asked what are the benefits of rooting an Android phone or tablet. So I decided to show you guys a few features of what you can expect when you root your device. Rooting and Android phone or tablet is a fairly simple process and you shouldn’t be afraid to do it.

Hopefully this video can give you some insight and show you the benefits of unlocking the full potential of your Android Phone or Tablet.


42 thoughts on “The Benefits of Rooting your Android Phone | Tablet

  1. Hi how are you going?
    thanks for your rooting video I think I'm now going to do this to mine!.
    I'm wanting to understand and also ask more questions about rooting so I'm hoping you might know a good forum I could ask questions and learn about rooting Android devices. Also wondering if there's any other information eg simple to understand information or a book or something.
    Thanks so much for your time and help it's greatly appreciated.

  2. you should rename this video "a couple apps you can get with root" I came here to know what I can do when I root the phone, not to see a top ten of the best apps to download when I root.

  3. learning is so sketchy on rooting that'd the only thing that sucks but if everyone's biggest btch is saving battery why not just buy a zerolemon or anker battery for you phone cause then u can use it hardcore and it won't die for at least 2-3 days 8p

  4. do u know how I could root my huawei media pad? I tried 2 apps and I only remember one of the apps that was called Kingroot. neither of them were able to root my tablet.

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