The future of gaming at Google


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Learn about the current ecosystem and the features across platforms that will help you achieve success on Android. Hear about virtual reality games and products which will inspire the development of games in the future.


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3 thoughts on “The future of gaming at Google

  1. +Android Developers I have a few questions and requests about developing for Mobile and TV: I'd like to ask is it possible to add a visual editor specifically for games within Android Studio? I see this as a necessity since new developers may want to have as many tools as possible within their IDE. When I was using the Corona SDK, I noticed that there wasn't a visual editor inside the simulator, this actually turned me off from using it, now I know the OS X version has the Composer GUI, but that leaves Windows users without an official editor. I know that there are many free/open source level editors but the majority of them are for tile based sprites. The problem is that every game developer wouldn't find these tools useful. Now I'd like to ask if you are able to create a guide for creating a small demo game for Android TV? I received an ADT-1 devkit from last year's Google I/O but the problem is that there hasn't been a guide to work with Android TV's Gamepad controls, but I don't think it should only be focused on one game engine. Since there a more free and affordable game engines to use for Android game development, I think there should be guides for the more popular engines and frameworks (Like Game Maker, Unity, and Unreal Engine) so developers can have a more efficient workflow.

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