Top 10 Best City Building Games 2017 (Android – iOS)


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Ranking the top 10 best city building games on Android and iOS up to 2017.

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23 thoughts on “Top 10 Best City Building Games 2017 (Android – iOS)

  1. btw, can your change your list for android and ios game, android is like http/playstore blablablabal and ios same like http/appstore blablablabala cause it will be easy thanks 😊

  2. Hi dude, im your old subscriber and i love to watch your video, but i need your help! please can you make video about 3 match puzzle rpg offline? cause i been searching game like that but always online! please help me, thanks you love your channel 😘👍💖💕

  3. I dont use to play this kind of viogames, but why not?, I will give a try to city mania, looks very good. sim city looks like a dificult game, I think.but… it will be in my list of "VIDEO GAMES i HAVE TO DOWNLOAD BECAUSE I WATCHED IN ANDROID GAME SPOT CHANNEL" xd

    edited, of cours not…

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