Top 10 Interrupted Hunts on Drury's THIRTEEN


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23 thoughts on “Top 10 Interrupted Hunts on Drury's THIRTEEN

  1. Probably my worst one was hunting with my daughter… Had a 4pt that was probably in the 50" range on camera 30 minutes after dark, several times a week… I figured if we set deeper in the woods we may see him in time… I was pumped she was gonna get her first deer as i dont usually get any real patterns on my land other than the does… So we set out as far as we could, maybe 60yards from the property boundry… Sun disappeared and i whispered " if hes gonna show, its going to be in the next five minutes". I hadnt even taken a breath from finishing that sentence… BOOM!… Crash crash… I figure the shot was 100 yards on the other side of the fence… We just packed up and hiked out…His picture was at the check station the next morning .

  2. 10) rain. I shot my monster buck after a thunderstorm. A tornado producing thunderstorm. The rain was on and off and my 268 7/8 inch 21 point stepped out.
    9) rangefinder- dropping anything can hurt a hunt. I dropped my rangefinder. About 15 does started running. The buck was working a scent branch. I put the camera on him and confirmed he had 8 points. Which was our minimal to hunt. My dad dropped him. Almost lost him.
    8) Squeaky window. I was hunting in an old camper and had about 40-50 Deer in the field. I put down the window which made this horrific squeak. I thought my hunt was over and I had a 6 point walk directly to me. He was close enough to touch. No one would believe it if I hadn’t recorded the hunts above.
    7) the saw. In the year of 8s my second 8 point that year grunted his way towards the loggers where I shot him
    6) my monster buck was broadside and I shoot. He drops. He is thrashing and getting to his front feet. My rifle goes click. I bolt a round and it jammed. My brand new Remington 30-06 just misfired and then jammed as a 268 7/8 inch 21 point was fighting for his life. The second round hit him in the face breaking his jaw.
    5) neighbor… she beat me. Neighbors and trespassers have ruined several great hunts.
    4) cows- I’ve killed big bucks with cows in the field
    3/2) dogs- I’ve had dogs ruin hunts and I agree with you on the pups. No deer is worth taking a dog away from a family.
    1) I’ve had stands break. One was in Saskatchewan and the back side sank. I had to lean forward to see over the edge. Then it kept going. I was trapped in the stand until it hit ground. It was the slowest crash in the world. Took half a day to go from 30 feet to 4-5 feet off the ground. I put me chair where it would straddle the window and watched our the only side I could see which was about 30 yards in one direction and about 5 yards wide.

    I hunted a place that shared jurisdiction with Louisiana and Mississippi. I bought louisiana and Mississippi license thinking I could shoot one deer with one license and the second with the other. That day I saw the biggest buck of my life at that point and the guide said he was not sure. Then I saw the biggest buck I would kill but he had 3 points on one side and got a pass. Then out walks a beautiful 8 with a black face and black stripes above his eyes and a black stripe down his back. I shot him. I reloaded and and 15 minutes later while doing the interview a big big 9 point came out. The guide didn’t know the laws and didn’t trust me when I told him I called and got confirmation. The giant 9 walked out of my life. I hunted one more year with that outfitter and realized they weren’t exactly out to get you a deer.

  3. Once had one of our barn cats follow me all the way to my stand. I hadn't noticed him tailing me on that dark wet morning. Next , I'm in the stand and I hear him climbing the tree beneath me. I thought the day was a bust , turns out he settled in on a limb beside me and kept me company for a few hours. This became common practice for him when I hunted that stand, I never harvested a deer with him there, but it wasn't too bad having another set of eyes and ears !

  4. I'm tied with 2 worst hunts… First, 2 years ago me and my grandmother were hunting on youth weekend. The whole day we didn't see anything, we were walking out 20 mins before legal shooting time was up and I saw a massive doe. I drew back my bow we the earth to hear is the la d owner in his money screaming, did u get anything. Thus next one was when I was in my stand with my grandmother aiming down at an 8 pointer about 17 yards away. I was trying to be the most comfortable shot so I rested my gun on the side of the stand( rookie mistake) the buck pulled up his head and I got so worried, but just when he was about to run I shot him right where the bullet should be… Little did I know 2 hrs later he would be devoured by coyote before we found him

  5. I have had a couple of hunts when someone’s dogs came running through the food plot. Both incidents were in different hunting years though. And another hunt one year in an area about an hour away from that hunting area someone kept shooting his gun in the woods trying to scare the deer up so they’d get up and moving. How ridiculous is that?

  6. The worst experience I’ve had came last year, the buck I had been chasing for three seasons already was coming into range at about 9:45, a family member ended their hunt and drove right past me before checking with me and the deer ran off… have had a couple encounters since then but he still lives. The buck is called ramrod and will be 8 years old this coming season. A true legend at our hunting camp

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