Top 10 Top Dating DON’Ts For Dudes | How To Ruin A Date INSTANTLY!


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Seduction Tips:
9 Biggest Turn Offs
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41 thoughts on “Top 10 Top Dating DON’Ts For Dudes | How To Ruin A Date INSTANTLY!

  1. I used some if these techniques when I last asked a woman out but unfortunately she declined my offer because she had a boyfriend..but said she was very flattered and that made me feel kind of good inside.😊

  2. A major turn off for me is the vocab. The minute guys relax after realizing they can be themselves around her, they start saying things like, I've never dated a (fill in the blank w/ race, type, etc) chick before…do you have a bucket list? And follows it up with a checklist of questions related to sex using foul language. It makes me wonder if that is the only way guys ever talk about girls. It doesn't matter how cool or amazing I thought a guy was…once the trashy thoughts/words start spilling out, the only label I have for him is LOSER. Any/all respect goes out the window.

  3. I always keep my car clean inside, there's no excuse for it being messy with me. Plus I have to sometimes take female clients from my job back to their office. I don't like saying excuse he mess, I make sure I never have a mess.

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